About us

Medipharm Industries (E.A) Limited was founded in 1971 by Rogers Collins Seguya and Mrs. Rebecca Seguya under the name Overseas Trading Company Limited. During that time, the core business of the company was importation and retailing of human pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices. However, the desire of the founders was to go into manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.

In 1978, small mixing and compounding unit was started as Plot 5, Travin House, William Street, Kampala. Within one year, and due to rapid expansion, the manufacturing unit was moved to 1.2 acres at Bweyogerere on Jinja Road, twelve (12) Kilometers from Kampala. The principal place of business and registered office is plot 65, Kakajjo road, Bweyogerere.

In the year 1982, the business name was changed to Medipharm Industries (E.A) Limited. The name change was registered with registrar of companies the same year.

Advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing was not realized until 1984, when building modifications were made and procurement of critical production and quality control were done. This was made possible through funding from the International Development Agency (IDA), through Uganda Commercial Bank.

Key Developments

Medipharm has recently expanded its shareholder structure to include Kulal International Limited, a pharmaceutical distribution company in Nairobi. The registered office is P.O. Box 00200 – 51167, Nairobi.

Kulal International specializes in sales and marketing, and marketing logistics. This decision greatly influenced a decision of the new shareholders to establish a subsidiary company to handle sales and marketing in Uganda.

In the year 2002, Medipharm Sales Limited was established with the objective of providing focused attention to sales and marketing, this allowing the parent company to concentrate on its core business of production and research and development.

International Affiliation

The company was signatory to the 1998 agreement signed between the Government of the Republic of Uganda, represented by the Ministry of Health, and the United States of America (USA) represented by United States Agency for International Development (USAID), UNICEF, and the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) for the production and distribution of Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) in Uganda.

We are associated with Alston Garrard & Co. Ltd, of the United Kingdom with a registered office on Modbury House, New Mills Business Park, Modbury, Devon. U.K. Alston Garrard & Co., is our link to the international markets in sourcing of raw materials and equipment. Our association has remained the success behind our quality and competitive sourcing.


Mission We are a health solution company manufacturing and distributing quality and affordable pharmaceutical drugs in Uganda, East Africa and the wider COMESA region. We create an all inclusive work environment that challenges and grows people while providing a profitable return to the shareholders.

Vision A key position in pharmaceutical service delivery in Uganda and the wider COMESA region.

Core Values As stated in our mission statement, our core values rest on the pillars of:

  • Superiority of products and service delivered to our customers.
  • Advancement of our people.
  • Outstanding financial returns to the shareholders.
  • Teamwork